Jeremy's Dream Blog

When I remember them, I try to write down my dreams. Largely inspired by Dunne, it's also fun to do.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dreamt I was part of some sort of superhero (?) team, and the place we were in gets taken over by terrorists or criminals.

Which didn't go well for the terrorists, but then the superhero team kind of split into bad members and good members, and the bad members captured the good members (including me).

But then I and one other escaped. So we go to someplace to get help. Which apparently mostly consisted of guns. But for some reason, the guy couldn't get us guns (maybe this was in Japan? I read the Secrets of Japan sourcebook from CoC last night) so we got BB guns.

So then I and the other guy sneaked back in, and started rescuing the other superheroes. Which wasn't too difficult, because the bad ones were constantly making speechs.

There was more stuff, but I don't remember. One interesting thing, though, it was apparently something of a lucid dream, because at one point, I changed part of it, one of the bad guys was goign to er, abuse on of the female prisoners, and I said something like "not in this dream, you don't", and it didn't happen.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

This is actually from the night before. And as such, I don't remember all that much about it, except I was showing a woman around where I lived. I think it was my old house. The woman was a lot like Michelle, but apparently not. Her name was something like Elizabeth, but not Elizabeth. Something like Lisabeth?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Had lots of dreams.

I was fighting invading aliens. I guess sort of X-com-ish, but somewhat more police like, than military (no big battles). It was going pretty well, but then some new aliens showed up, and captured the whole team. The new aliens were human looking, and very friendly, except they made us drink or take pills that would kill us if we didn't take another every day or so (and thus we had to cooperate with them or die).

Was up in their space station or mothership or something. It's weird, some of them were dressed in the same outfits my sims wear.

Then I woke up because Sarah was barking.

Before that, I think while looking for the previous aliens, I was at some sort of either carnival or amusement park. There was this band there, performing. But it was weird, they used electricity in their act, like Nikola Tesla used to do (OTOH, the band wasn't Tesla, more progressive rock). Very weird. They had a stack of their albums for sale (only about 4-5) and all on tape (Maybe one 8-track).

There was also some bit with a DJ. Either talking to him, or watching an interview with him. Something about his record collection, and record selection, and how he wasn't the most popular DJ in the area, but the most popular one was a lousy DJ (and he showed this by the track lists they played).

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dreamt I was in a room somewhere, helping my father fix a TV. Or connection of a VCR to a TV. At first I thought it was a hotel room, but then maybe it was my old house?

Anyway, so I see a dog lying on the floor. Big white dog, a Great Pyrenees. So I start pet it, thinking it was my old dog Sam. But then he lifts his head, and I see it's not him (due to the grey markings), but Ralph II (who actually died as a puppy, due to Parvo). So I pet him for a while. I ask my father if he sees Ralph (or anything) and he saws no. So ghost dog.

Kinda neat, since I never got to spend much time with Ralph, since he died shortly after we got him. He was a good dog, though.

(Possibly inspired by movie I watched last night, The Beast Must Die, which had a dog get killed after fighting off a werewolf)
Dreamt I was dating some woman who had 2 kids (girls). I was at her house. She was my age, blonde, shoulder length curly hair. Spent time talking with her older daughter (who I guess was in her teens or early), who was a nice kid.

(Possibly inspired by bad movie on Sci-Fi? Caved in? Something like that. Featured Christopher Atkins and Colm Meaney - Chief O Brien from Star Trek - Christopher Atkins' character had a wife who looked a lot like the one in my dream, and a teen aged daughter.)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Dreamt that I managed to somehow get my library card renewed. And checked out the book that they had at St. County Library didn't have.