Jeremy's Dream Blog

When I remember them, I try to write down my dreams. Largely inspired by Dunne, it's also fun to do.

Friday, August 20, 2004

First dream. Was sort of science fictiony. I was in a mecha factory, or something, it had a big underground complex. While I was there I was hungry, and it was locked down or something. I wanted to buy some candy of all things, 2 things of giant, soft sweet tarts, and 1 roll of what I thought were "Zaps" (a favorite candy of mine as a kid), but in reality were labeled "Sweet Tarts" or something, but tasted like giant zaps.

Anyway, the total came to $8. something. I complained, but the clerk said it was due to the lockup or trouble or something that was occuring. So I grumbled, but paid. But I paid in silver dollars.

Anyway, it seems like the machines were revolting or something. But some people still had normal mecha, and then we got into a fight. But here is where it became something of a computer game. We went to the unit selection screen. For me, I didn't have a mecha. I could only pick between ground vehicles, like tanks or artillery. I think I finally picked a medium tank. (On the screen they were rated by 'gun" and range and things. The medium tank had a gun rating of 60 something, while the artillery was in the 80s. But the artillery had something much lower, I don't remember what, so I didn't want it).

Dreamt I was on a vacation (or something) with my father, I think. I was driving. He wanted to go to a specific beach. I wanted to go to a closer beach, but he wanted to go to one farther away. I consented, because the beaches we were close to were too muich like the ones I used to visit in college, which would be too much of a bad reminder.

Anyway, so while driving there, we ended up at a small town. There was some problem with the roads, some weren't paved.

For some reason, I went into some stranger's house. But I got caught, and so fled. I then drove through a park.

Apparently, some sort of critter or thing had been terrorizing the place. So in part to avoid problems with the law, I volunteered to go kill it. (But also apparently I had dealth with these before).

Anyway, I went into the forest/park, and soon enough, ran into these things. After some effort, I managed to wound it. I had a bolt action rifle (a .22? My father's .22 bolt action rifle?). It was somewhat slow, and I was afraid of jamming it, but eventually I shot it enough to kill it.

The corpse sort of disolved, exception for the skeleton. Which sort of looked like a tripod, but with 4 legs. It was covered in some goo like substance. I picked it up with the help of a cloth, and gave it to the town mayor. I said something like, the goo is useful for military purposes. And then he said something like, "I know" and he showed a knowledge of these creatures, saying there was a pressure point near their neck that could disable them. Then I woke up.