Jeremy's Dream Blog

When I remember them, I try to write down my dreams. Largely inspired by Dunne, it's also fun to do.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Weird. There was this alien invasion. And us humans fought back. But it didn't go very well. However, there was something of a resistance.

Anyway, I was part of that, sorta, I apparently had been captured by the aliens and had something done to me. But the resistance cured me. I think.

Anyway, we were on the run from aliens, but trapped at this portal. We needed to open it, but it was like a combination lock. However, I knew the combination, apparently by implanted alien knowledge.

Anyway, the portal took us into the cockpit of a passenger plane.

One of the reistence members was an old guy, and would throw up whenever someone mentioned some sort of drinking (it had a bad memory for him).

Anyway, after some flying around, the aliens were on to us. We tried to use the portal to get away, but were too slow and the aliens beamed us aboard.

At which point, I woke up.