Jeremy's Dream Blog

When I remember them, I try to write down my dreams. Largely inspired by Dunne, it's also fun to do.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Was in basement of some relative. Looking through things. Suddenly found things that had been lost, and weren't there before (at neighbors).

Then hear noise (or something) and look outside. See something (plane, UFO, meteor?, Plane I think) slowly crashing. It does, into a nearby building. Which then explodes slowly.

Then it cuts to another scene. An architect (guy) talking about his perfect, intelligent building to someone (an AI). Then again, a thing crashes from the sky - and hits the top of the building, like a tower or something, punching a hole.

Then there's a scene in these tunnels, featuring a cook or chef. Apparently people want food, but he doesn't have any. Then some security type thing (robot?) comes along and shuts up the customers/people.

Then it cuts to outside the building, although it looks more like a cheap motel. I'm there in person, running towards it. There are other people running. One a white trash-ish looking woman with about 4-5 kids. One was trying to use the restroom. This thing, a woman, but apparently an AI (the AI of the building) chases them. And shoots them with a laser thing. But sort of casually, toying like.

I follow this other woman. Vaguely remember, only attractive. Follow here down corridor. Other people down other side. As I walk, I catch up to her near the end where there is stairs and stairwell up. As we both get there, we both punch this guy hiding there right in the face. But he is tough, and doesn't go down (and punch felt very weird, like hitting a large hollow rubber ball, like in elementary school gym). Anyway, we went up the stairs, and I had to wake up....

Very vivid, although not that original

Saturday, July 14, 2001

Fell in love with woman. She was from a slightly eccentric family, like mine. Rustic. She was a lot like me. Can't remember name. She wasn't beautiful, but attractive. Sort of odd looking. Short brown hair. Not happy with how she looked. Also had a sister who was much better looking, but I can't really remember her, vague memories of longish black hair.

Anyway, really liked this woman. She was a lot like me. Anyway, we spent a lot of time together, and I had glimpses of this thing, it was this yellow-ish bigfoot looking dealie. It had apparently been killing people (or doing something nasty to them).

Near the end of the dream, we had gotten somewhat serious, and we went to her room or house. I think I was moving in. I get into her room, and boom, out jumps the monster, the yellow-ish bigfoot thing. She had set me up (and she said so).

I managed to escape, got my pistol and some silver bullets, and returned and killed the thing. Didn't kill her, just then wandered off, sad, and woke up....