Jeremy's Dream Blog

When I remember them, I try to write down my dreams. Largely inspired by Dunne, it's also fun to do.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Lots of dreams

First one, took a trip on airplane. Due to bad winds, it started to crash. It then did crash, and sort of went to a 3rd person view (showing it crash from behind), then went black. Then woke myself up, and had a weird moment on is this reality or not

The had a series of dreams, punctuated by periods of waking up. Not sure if connected.

First one, I dunno, but I eneded up having my blood sucked out by a vampire. Black male. Think it was my blood. Tired shooting it, but bullets didn't hurt him. Then I woke up. Before I was , I remember Mr. Oldeg (a neighbor) flying in a car carried aloft by a helium balloon.

Second one, took place place as a scene after the first. I woke up, bloody and tired, but alive. However, it seems I was left alone on purpose, to be a servant.

So I end up meeting another one, this a younger black man.

Then things seem to have changed

Now, I had some sort of secret formula, and was being hunted by these corporate people. And now the guy I was serving was a somewhat skinny English guy.

ANyway, I was chased around and around by these people. At one point there was something of a fight in a house, but I and the people with me didn't have any weapons. Had to shoot darts (from Age of Wonders 2, I was playing the night before?), and then later on use a sharp kitchen table knife. The foes here weren't human, but looked like Faeries or Gremlins or some such.

After that, fled again, and then somehow ended up with some people dressed as a Jedi, but in a Ghostbusters car. And then there were more of them, in several different cars. And then for some reason, I asked them to join the funeral procession (for Darryl Kile or Jack Buck or someone I was being chased alogn with?). At this point I thought it was too weird and woke myself up.