Jeremy's Dream Blog

When I remember them, I try to write down my dreams. Largely inspired by Dunne, it's also fun to do.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

This is actually from the previous night, but while I wrote it down, forgot to blog it...

First, dreamt I was writing a sit com pilot or new series. So for some reason I decided it was going to be an Italian family, then I decided they ran a home business, a restaurant in their basement (which they got to by elevator)

Dreamt I was on a plane, and met Dr. Strange, the screen name of a parapsychology guy who used to be on MSN. Didn't remmber his name, but reconized him by a book he was carrying.

There was sort of a Andy Griffith interlude. Hard to describe, exactly, except some people of Mayberry were tired of him being so do-goodish.
(Inspired by a Drabble cartoon about Aunt Bee?)

Dreamt th eelectric company was going to turn off the electricity, but I paid them with a credit card.

Dreamt that I met a long lost cousin, daughter of a long lost uncle Leonard (which I don't have). She had 2 dogs two (or something like that) and our dogs ran together in the snow along a highway. She left first. Then a while later I followed.

I found her dogs, then she yelled at me, so I went up an joined her in this small building (or looked to be small). She was at her job, some sort of traffic monitoring thing with computers. We reminisced a while about the early days, where I confused I didn't remember I had a cousin like her or an uncle, but then she filled in the history.

Then she had some sort of computer problem, then the cubicle or room had gotten bigger, and I was sitting right next to a co-worker, nick named Miss Piggy, which was apt. Looks something like the muppet, but human. She groped me a few times, then after I escaped that, I asked her if I could use her computer to look up the phone number of someone who had been bugging me with the phone (in real life) to see who the heck they are, then office grew some more, and there were more co-workers, including my supposed long lost uncle Leonard. Talked to him a bit.

Then I shifted gears, and was some sort of volunteer police man or stoolie or perhaps vigilante. Anyway, someone asked me to help stop the problems at the local restuarant (was some chain, but can't remmeber which one). Go into there, and everyone is wearing heavy weaponry, like belt feld light machine guns and grenade launchers. Then I try out to be the chef, and I make a rather tasty looking burger

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I dreamt I was playing (and in, sorta), a strategy RPG. Sort of like Ogre Battle, in how you arrange your little party of 5. But with tactical battles, instead of just automatic ones. Very interesting one at that, though I can only remember a few details now.