Jeremy's Dream Blog

When I remember them, I try to write down my dreams. Largely inspired by Dunne, it's also fun to do.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Been a while - I've been having trouble remembering dreams.

The first part that I remember, I was in the future, sorta, and a space traveller. Kinda. It was more like walking down the concorse of an airport.

Anyway, I was older, and apparently had a daughter. We went to this planet. Almost like it was inhabited by gnomes, or at least, short hairy people.

Anyway, after befriending them, I mentioned my daughter needed a doctor. That took some doing. And after that, I was supposed to rest myself. But that was hard, because the little guys had to go to the bathroom a lot.

Also, they were grouped in clans, and apparently had communal beds.

Then the 2nd part happened. I was myself, mostly. Except it was the future. I and someone else, a friend in my dreams, were exploring an old house. Anyway, I came across an old piece of luggage. And recognized it as my old blug , I dunno, but it's sort of a cheap dufflebag thing. Anyway, I opened it, and among other things of mine, I think I found my .357 pistol.

Anyway, there was some other stuff, and then my "friend" shouted something about how we have betrayed our leader or warlord or something like that. I try to deny it, but either I'm captured, or have to flee. If I was captured, I definitely escaped, as I remember running.

So as I'm running, somehow or other I meet a thief that was fleeing. Well, two of them. But one i judge to be unfriendly, so I cap him with my pistol. But the other guy and I run, and some how we end up in the warlord's treasure room. And we loot it. But while there, we also find some magical stuff, which will let us change our appearance into that of the warlord and his guy.

So this works, sort, and we make our getaway. I think.

Maybe. Then the world sort of morphs into a James Bond-esque thing. And it's a clothing store.

There's a villainess and a villain, and a bunch of villainettes. The villain was actually Bernie Miklasz, the sports columnist for the PD, who I really don't like in real life.

Anyway, after the opening scene in which the villain seduces me, somehow I am fleeing the villain/Bernie M. In a clothing store. But the villainess ended up changing over to my side. And we escape after some disguing ourselves.

The villainess originally looks a lot like Ursula Andress, but in the last part, she changed to look like Halle Berry.

(The first dream I remember was no doubt inspired by 5 to midnight, on the SF channel, in which hte main character has a daughter. The second part was probably inspired because I was reading the gun book for Spycraft before I feel asleep.)