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When I remember them, I try to write down my dreams. Largely inspired by Dunne, it's also fun to do.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Don't remember the details, but had a nice dream about a duology of novels I just read. The Star

Kings by Edmond Hamilton. Sort of a pulp sci-fi romance about a guy (John Gordon) from the 40s

who exchanges bodies with a guy from the far future (sort of like that old HPL story, but with a

human and voluntary), where among other things, he falls in olve with a space princess (queen?)

named Liana (or Lianna). Very nice story.

Also there was a sequel, Return of the Star Kings, written later. The first one ends on kind of a

cliffhanger, with John Gordon going back to the 1940s. The sequel takes up the story about 20

years (maybe less) later, wich John Gordon going to a psychiatrist thinking his memories of that

experience and Lianna were just delusions. But that turns out not to be the case, and he goes

back to the future again.

Anyway, I don't remember what I was doing in my dream. But it was about those novels.