Jeremy's Dream Blog

When I remember them, I try to write down my dreams. Largely inspired by Dunne, it's also fun to do.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First dream I remember, my dogs were playing with a neighbor's dog, a

Newfoundland. Talked to the neighbor a bit. (This happens all the time

in real life, but my neighbords have a Sharpai)

Second dream was more interesting. I ran into an old friend of mine. My

best friend when I was a kid, Scott. (Though we sort of got estranged

in High School - he found "cooler" kids to hang out with. Fair enough I

guess, I was somewhat immature then.)

Anyway, I basically talked to him for a while. But one thing was

dramtically different - now we were race car drivers (I have no idea

where this came from) and mostly talked about past races as kids.

Which in real life, of course, didn't have any. But it's weird how your

memory changes in a dream.